Essential software, tools, and settings to help you be more productive.

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  • iTerm2 — Everyone’s favorite terminal app for macOS. (Tip: In settings, set the tab theme to minimal and hide the scrollbar for a much cleaner look.)
  • Argonaut iTerm2 Color Theme — My personal favorite color theme, but feel free to explore other options here.
  • Space Mono Font — A…

(Hint: You do it with Rosetta 2)

Use “arch” to run commands in the native Terminal

You can run x86 terminal commands with Apple’s Rosetta 2 by adding the following arch command before it:

arch -x86_64 /bin/bash
arch -x86_64 /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Create a separate Rosetta 2 Terminal

  1. Open Finder and navigate to Applications -> Utilities
  2. Right-click on the Terminal app and choose Duplicate
  3. Rename your newly duplicated Terminal app something special like Terminal-Rosetta
  4. Right-click…

A few material things to make your quarantine life more comfortable — and some helpful tips so you can stay sane too.

My work from home setup.


Desk — Analiese 4-Drawer Writing Desk

Historical analysis and comparison of theories from St. Anselm and Ibn-Sina

mik38 via Getty Images

A lesson in basic macroeconomics, and why we can’t trust corporations to play nice on their own

How filmmakers use deliberate editing and frantic camera movements to create overwhelming tension

Whiplash, 2014

Xcode 11 Demo at WWDC19

How 2019’s Best Horror Movie Will Make You Afraid of the Light

Midsommar, Ari Aster (2019)

A simple project for learning the fundamentals of web scraping

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